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ELAINE MARIE ensures your project moves swiftly and smoothly to the finish line. Elaine brings 29 years of trade experience, print production management supervisor, operations manager and customer service specialist. Email Elaine
ROBERT JAMES will gladly go to extreme lengths to meet with you personally and offer suggestions or advice. He brings 35 years trade experience as compositor, major printing plant superintendent, prepress operations manager, production management, sales and customer relations management. Email Robert
PAUL SCHILLINGER will get you off and running with no false starts through strategic, competitive pricing. Paul brings 37 years trade experience as a: photographer, film assembler, scanner operator, colour specialist, plant manager, sales support and estimator. Email Paul
JAN REYNOLDS can get your design into shape and help shift your company or product into the fast lane. Jan has 17 years trade experience as: magazine art director, graphic designer, production manager, book publisher and designer and corporate brand developer.  Email Jan
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