We Offer Two Types of Scans
Our high resolution professional flat bed scanners are all capable of providing very high quality scans, from slides, large transparencies, prints, artwork and other media. FlatBed scanning is a good, low cost way of capturing and digitizing images from prints, slides or other material. The quality is better than low cost digital scans which one might get from any average photo lab. For document scans, we clean off any loose material that may be on the originals. But, any stains, pits, scratches or water marks etc. that we are unable to remove will be picked up by the scanners. Post processing would be required to remove such defects. Every scan is adjusted in order to correct exposure errors that may exist in your originals, reduce unpleasant casts, increase sharpness and contrast etc.
So, for as little as $15 each  for originals up to 8.5" x 11", these scans are a good, inexpensive way to capture images from precious photos which you may have stored away. The same price of $15 each  also applies to our clean, pleasing colour scans of colour prints. Post scan editing, cleanups, new prints, CDs or DVDs are additional.
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