The Very Best Scan One Can Buy 
The only way to achieve the highest level of quality digital captures from slides and other photographic transparencies for use in fine reproductions is with a rotary drum digital laser scanner. At a cost of nearly a quarter million dollars each, these scanners provide exceptionally fine results. The results are similar to those attainable by a fine 36 mega-pixel digital camera.
Each slide or transparency is inspected by a colour technician, removed from its frame or sleeve, cleaned with special cleansing agents and sealed to an optically pure cylinder with a thin layer of an optically pure gel underneath. This process, causes most surface pits, scratches and defects to disappear. The scan resolution is more than 16,890 ppi. The results are crystal clear, clean, sharp and brilliant.
When the scan is finished, the slide or transparency is cleaned and safely returned to its frame or sleeve. At just $25each  for enlargements up to 8.5" x 11" including some general, overall, post scan image adjustments by our colour technicians you get the best results from every image. Also, we can make stunning prints from these scans. So, if you have precious transparencies or slides which you want to capture, enlarge and print, this is the very best method. Bad photos can be improved dramatically by these scans and the included post processing. Prints, local image work, CDs or DVDs are additional.
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